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Darwin's Basic Computer Skills

The Very First Game That All New Computer Users Should Play

Darwin's Basic Conputer Skills
Universal Access Games

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these games really free?

Absolutely. Your vital feedback is more than payment enough for the free play.

2. What do you mean, Universal Access?

We make games so that every child who should benefit from educational video games, will benefit from our games.

Mouse, keyboard, switch / scan access broaden the profiles to the vast majority of children using the graphical user interface.

The game play was tailored to fit the widest possible range of users.

Closed Captioning allows children who cannot hear, but can read, to participate in sonic event.

The list goes on. Use all the games, and you will see many, many devices and techniques in the games themselves.

What Universal Access really means to us, though, is that our parents and professionals believe that these games are built on a best practice model which leads to integrated play and learning. That's why we are providing these games free of charge. We know they work wonderfully in regular classrooms through previous tests. Now we need to know if all students can use them.

3. What will these games teach?

They will teach early mouse, keyboard, and switch / scanning conventions within a Graphical User Interface (most computer systems) to newer computer users. These are the fundamental skills required for all later computer usage.

4. Are more games coming?


Two full titles, teaching early literacy skills and early number skills are almost completed! Stay tuned!!

5. What if we want to track the progress of multiple children?

You can purchase a license for the multi-user version, which comes with pre and post-tests, as well as access to our great reporting tools.

Please see the Purchase page for more information.

6. Do the games come in other languages?

French versions of the titles are almost complete. Please contact us directly to be put on the release notification list.

We are actively seeking qualified partners to port the games to other languages. Please contact us directly with enquiries.

7. Who can I ask more questions?

Please visit our contact page.

Play to learn. Learn to play.

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