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Darwin's Basic Computer Skills

The Very First Game That All New Computer Users Should Play

Darwin's Basic Conputer Skills
Universal Access Games
Darwin's Basic Computer Skills

Darwin's Basic Computer Skills

The very first game that every new computer user should play.

Setting a whole new bar for educational universal access products. 47 games take the player from the very first mouse, keyboard, and single switch skills through to full creative expression in the art studio.

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Made for Both Mac and PC

Mouse Skills

Keyboard Skills

Switch Skills

Mouse Icon All single-button mouse skills, progressively taught through compelling gameplay.

Mouse Icon Dozens of common mouse control GUI computing conventions.
Keyboard Icon Full versions of all games teaching basic keyboard skills.

Keyboard Icon Excellent base for both typing and computer control through keyboards.
Switch Icon A must for new Switch and Scan users. Excellent single switch play-based training.

Switch Icon From cause and effect to full art stamp studio, watch your new player learn and grow!
Mouse Skills

Keyboard Skills

Switch Skills

Click the skill to view screenshots for each set of games.

Play to learn. Learn to play.

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